Independence Bowl Foundation Announces 2011 Leadership



Shreveport, La. – The Independence Bowl Foundation held its annual general membership meeting on Thursday, March 3 at Independence Stadium and voted on the organization’s new leadership for 2011.

Fred Sexton, Jr. will serve as the 2011 Independence Bowl Chairman and is joined by 12 others who make up the Executive Committee. Jack Andres will serve as Vice-Chairman, Keith Crissman as 1st Vice-Chairman, and John Hubbard as 2nd Vice-Chairman.

Sextona Tulane law graduate who retired from the Louisiana court of Appeal in 1996, has continued to serve around the state as appointed by the Louisiana Supreme Court. He also has worked on appointments from the Governor, State Police, and Pilotage Commission since retirement. Sexton has actively served on various Independence Bowl committees for over a decade. He has served on the Executive Committee, Big 12 and Mountain West Hospitality Committee, and helped host the annual Hal Sutton/David Toms CHRISTUS Schumpert Charity Classic.

Linda Sell is again serving as Treasurer, Sheena Miles will serve as Secretary, and Jim Hagan moves to the Past Chair rotation. The remaining members of the Executive Committee are Mike Akers, Scotty Amos, Ken Antee, Troy Broussard, Rick Holland, Fred Kent, Dale Sibley, and Harold Turner. Amos and Broussard were voted into three year spots.

The Board of Directors for 2011 was also installed at the annual meeting. The following is a complete list of the Board of Directors:


2011 Independence Bowl Foundation Board of Directors:

Gerald Adams

Mike Akers

Scotty Amos

Jack Andres

Troy Broussard

Carl Bullard

Lawrence Calhoun

Emile Cordaro

Shane Dulany

Otto Grozinger

John Hubbard

Pete John

Sheena Miles

Andrew Pringle 


Karen Baker

Eric Bushnell

Art Carmody

Keith Crissman

Winston Cunningham

Philip Jordan

Fred Kent

James “Chubby” Knight

Chris Marlowe

Kyle McInnis

Mark Millsap

Michael Pabst

Cliff Poimboeuf

Fred Sexton, Jr.

Tim Wilhite

Dave Wilkins

Robby Woods 


Eric Barkley

Gene Baugh

Angie Costakis

David Dethloff

Jared Franklin

Valarie Gunn

Jim Hagan

Charlie Kingery

Susan Lucchesi

Ken Mitchell

Tony Papa

Pat Pool

Paul Pratt

Lane Rosen

Linda Sell

Troy Slinkard

Loren Smith

Jerry White 


Bob Aillet

James Alexander

Ken Antee

Keith Bergeron

Lindy Broderick

Bob Brown

Billy Bundrick

Richard Caldwell (Deceased)

Milton Chapman

Sandy Cimino

Mike Collier

Joe Darwin

John Frazier

Brant Goyne

Toni Goodin

Ken Hanna

Pesky Hill

Rick Holland

Smokey Hyde

Don Jagot

Tracy Jackson

Randy James

Jack Lee

Sam Lees

Cecil Loyd

Mike McCarthy

Milton McNaughton (Deceased)

Carl Mikovich (Deceased)

Peggy Mitchell

Bill Moffett
David Nichols

Rock Osbourne

Markey Pierre

Ed Powell

Tony Sardisco (Deceased)

Orvis Sigler

Pat Tiller McCoy

Ernest Young (Deceased)